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Why go camping in florida? Let me tell yoU!

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Create wonderful memories without breaking the bank! Go camping in Florida today!

Come with me, and I’ll help you make a life worth living outdoors in Florida. Rain or shine, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Regardless of budgets or timelines, this page is filled with information to get you outdoors doing things you love.

Florida has a variety of outdoor adventures for all to enjoy.


Tips to prepare!


Fun things to do!

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Hi, I’m Shannon, and I love escaping it all by going camping.

It doesn’t matter if it is with a group of family or friends or even if it is all by myself, I absolutely love immersing myself in nature.

As a Florida native, I’ve spent the last 40 years experiencing all Florida has to offer, and I want to help others have a relaxing trip in some of the greatest camping spots.

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Travel in style

Quality time with family and friends, relaxation & enjoyment of nature.

Getting outside and going camping in Florida can provide you and your loved ones with memories that are simply unforgettable.

Here at Shout at the Moonlight, we want to help you get outdoors and live your life to the fullest right here in Florida!

Get a glimpse of what you can experience while camping in Florida

Florida has 45 different terrestrial landscapes all in the same state! Check out some of the types you can experience right below!

  • Beautiful and sunny beaches
  • Cypress swamps
  • Vast dry and wet Prairies
  • Hardwood hammock forests
  • Natural pinelands
  • Sandhills and scrubs