Florida has no shortage of campgrounds that the whole family can enjoy, but did you know there are campgrounds with lazy rivers? These lazy rivers are filled with natural spring water that winds through beautiful landscape; it truly is nature’s water park. 

Rainbow Springs State Park, Ginnie Springs, and Rock Springs are the best lazy rivers in the state to relax and unwind while you float down the spring filled river. When you’re done with your lazy river ride, you can head back to the RV park or one of the tent sites and enjoy the rest of your evening. 

What is the water like in these lazy rivers?

For all of Florida’s natural spring waters, the water temperature averages a cool 72 degrees. It’s no wonder the manatees love to come warm up during the winter, and the locals love to cool down in the high heat of summer. 

Florida’s natural lazy rivers are spring fed, so they maintain that cool temperature year round, so load up your gear and check out one of the spots listed below. These blue waters are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer sun.

If you don’t like the water to be that cold (or warm, depending on what time of year you’re planning on swimming and camping), you can always check out one of our many other great places to enjoy, but I highly recommend adding these campgrounds with lazy rivers to your bucket list of destinations.

Rainbow Springs State Park, Dunnellon

Rainbow Springs State Park has a huge lazy river that you can bring your kayak or tubes downstream. Whether you’re going down the stream or enjoying the head groundwaters, this one is for good swimmers only. The water is often deep, so you want to be able to hold your own. 

How long of a trip is it down the lazy river at Rainbow Springs?

Rainbow Springs takes approximately 2-3 hours to travel down, depending on if you launch from the head waters or elsewhere along the stream. For this site, you’ll either want the means to paddle back upstream or get a ride to transport you back up to the beginning.

Booking a Reservation

Booking for Rainbow Springs State Park is just as easy as booking any other state park. Once you have set up your login information, you can log in and choose from one of their three separate camping loops. 

When you do decide to get back to camp, Rainbow Springs offers full hookup sites and laundry facilities, too, so you’ll have everything you need. 


Don’t feel like going the whole distance? You can take the shortened ride down from KP Hole, and if you book with them, you even get a ride back to their location, so you don’t have to paddle back upstream.

The main recreation and camping area has a large grassy area where you can throw a football with the friends or have a great picnic. 

If you want to take a walk around the area, there are great hiking spots that even have small waterfalls in a lush surrounding. 

There used to be a store on site, but it was closed last time I was there, so please let me know if it is open when you go, so I can make updates as needed. 

Ginnie Springs, High Springs

Ginnie Springs is a fun spot for all your friends. With everything from snorkeling to paddleboarding, you can have all the top-notch amenities while camping here, and they’ll even rent you the volleyball!

How long of a trip is it down the lazy river at ginnie springs?

Ginnie Springs takes about an hour to travel downstream, depending on if you launch from the head waters or elsewhere along the stream. The trail walk back up the stream should be less than 20 minutes.

Booking a Reservation

Ginnie Springs should definitely be booked ahead of time. This is a popular spot, especially for holiday weekends, so be mindful when you want to go and how big of a site you will need. 


No, seriously, in addition to renting things like paddleboards, scuba and snorkeling gear, kayaks, and innertubes, they even offer volleyball, football, and soccer ball rentals. There really is no excuse not to have a great experience here. 

At camp, they offer full hookups on many sites with fire rings to keep the party going long into the night. 

Kelly Park/Rock Springs, Apopka

Rock Springs is one of Florida’s most famous lazy rivers. If you’ve seen videos of one of Florida’s lazy rivers online, there is a good chance this was the one. 

Rock Springs is the official area where the spring waters run, and it is every bit as beautiful as you can imagine. It is only a short drive from Orlando, and it can accommodate larger groups. Because of this, the line for the park is filled at least a couple hours before the actual area opens to the public.

campgrounds with lazy rivers

When I say filled, I mean completely filled. Park attendants pass out 330 passes to the cars waiting in the line prior to park opening, and only 280 cars are allowed in at opening while the other 50 passes are allowed to come back at 1 pm. 

If you get a 1 pm pass, you can always go check out the mini golf course or take a short walk at the mall or Crane’s Roost Park nearby while you wait. 

How long of a trip is it down the lazy river at Rock springs?

Rock Springs only takes about a half hour to travel downstream, and there is only a couple launch areas.

There is a large swimming area halfway down the public stream area, so you can launch from there or decide to get out there, if you’d like.

Campground with Lazy Rivers--Rock Springs

The trail walk back up the stream depends on where you got in or decide to get out, but either way, it should definitely be less than 20 minutes.

Booking a Reservation

Due to the high demand, this campground books quickly, and you can only book it 45 days in advance, so you want to make sure you book asap. 

However, if you are visiting Rock Springs, you’ll want to get into the park early, and the best way to do that is to sleep nearby since some people will get in the car line as early as 4:30 am. 

Kelly Park, Rock Springs’ campground, is the best way to get in to the park (unless you lived within walking distance of the park like I did for a couple years). You can get in the car line bright and early, or if it is still open, you can take the short walk from the campground to the springs.  


It is obvious why both Kelly Park and Rock Springs fills up early. There are countless activities you can do while visiting. There are picnic tables and a pavilion that you can rent for parties. You can go hiking on the trails. If you forgot your food, there is a great concession stand with food, snacks, treats, and drinks. 

Most sites are RV sites, so they have 50 amp electrical hookups, , water hookup, a picnic table, a grill, and a fire ring. 

Final Thoughts

Some of the best family campgrounds you can find in Florida provides just the right place to relax and unwind while still providing the perfect water playground for everyone.

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