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Camping provides numerous benefits including reducing stress and anxiety while also improving your mood. Here at Shout at the Moonlight, I seek to use 35 years of camping experience to help you find the right experience for you here in Florida. I also include many ideas in the southeastern United States to help you plan something unforgettable that is perfect for any occasion and time frame. Rain or shine, Shout at the Moonlight seeks to give you the right outdoor experience at the right price for you.

Shout at the Moonlight provides guidance for budgeting, preparing, and adventuring so you can create the perfect outdoor adventure for you and the ones you love. Whether you have tons of gear or don’t, or if you want to get way off the grid or can’t leave electricity behind, I’m here to help! Don’t let experience or money hold you back from great memories when I am here to help!

Camping is fun and easy!
how did we get here?

It all started in the 1980s with a family of five living on a fixed income. My parents struggled to find ideas to keep three kids engaged, and let’s face it, out of their hair, during the weekends and on summer break. Some of my earliest memories was living wild and care-free in those moments we were completely unplugged from the rest of the world. We would read about local historical events and go on day trips to engage with what we just read. We would sit around a fire and eat the cheapest food available, but it always tasted more scrumptious than anything made at home. There were boisterous family games complimented by beautiful moments of stillness.

Now, as a parent myself, I seek to provide the same loving and wild memories for my children, and like many of you, my budget is incredibly tight. My parent’s taught me that there is always a way to have an adventure, and I have spent years creating a variety of trips as my budget often fluctuates along with my stress levels.

Overall, there have been many failures, like that one the time the tent collapsed in the rain, but we’ve had many successful trips. Regardless, we have learned from them all, and I hope to share the passion and pleasure of camping on a budget.

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