Explore our curated selection of great camping gift ideas, carefully chosen to make outdoor adventures much more fun for the entire family, especially those with young and outdoorsy kids. From essential camping gear to cool camping gifts, you’ll find the perfect options for every outdoorsy child. These best camping gifts are not only great additions to your own camping gear collection but also the best part of your camping experience. Whether you’re planning a camping trip to national parks or just looking for a fun gift idea, these camping toys and outdoor gifts are sure to please. And if you’re interested in purchasing any of these fantastic items, consider using our affiliate links. So, get ready to gift your little campers some cool camping gifts in different colors and fun designs, like the camp chairs or things for imaginative play. These unique and practical presents are perfect for birthdays, Christmas gifts, or just because. From camping hammocks to tent camping games, these options offer a lot of fun, giving young children a great time, even on a rainy day at state parks. And don’t forget to check out our privacy policy for more information.

Different Gift Options

Camping, with its blend of adventure and nature, is a wonderful activity for kids of all ages, and fortunately, there are fantastic gift options available for both older and younger camping enthusiasts. For the younger ones, age-appropriate gifts like nature exploration kits or adventure journals ignite their curiosity and help them forge a strong connection with the great outdoors. These gifts not only entertain but also educate, fostering a lifelong love for nature. On the other hand, older kids can enjoy more hands-on camping gear, such as campfire cooking sets, headlamps, or outdoor adventure games, to enhance their outdoor experiences. These gifts offer opportunities for older kids to develop valuable camping skills while having a blast. Whether you have a budding naturalist or a young adventurer, there’s a camping gift suitable for every age, ensuring that camping remains a cherished family activity for years to come.

Kid-Sized Sleeping Bag


The best kid-sized sleeping bags will provide comfort, warmth, and durability for young campers. Here are some popular kid-sized sleeping bags, but keep in mind that availability may change over time, so be sure to check for the latest options and read user reviews.

When choosing a kid-sized sleeping bag, consider factors like the child’s age, the intended season of use, and the expected temperature range. Also, check for features such as adjustable sizing, easy zippers, and durable construction. It’s a good idea to read reviews and product descriptions to find the best fit for your child’s camping needs.

Camping Lantern

When choosing a camping lantern for kids, it’s important to prioritize safety, ease of use, and durability.

When choosing a camping lantern for kids, consider factors like size, ease of operation, battery life, and durability. Some lanterns also have fun features like color-changing LEDs or the ability to charge other devices. Make sure to supervise younger children when using lanterns, especially if they require batteries or have small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Camping Chair


Selecting the best camping chairs for kids involves finding chairs that are comfortable, durable, and appropriately sized for children.

When choosing a camping chair for kids, consider factors like size, weight capacity, ease of folding, and whether the chair comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation. The chairs should be made of durable materials to withstand outdoor use and provide a comfortable sitting experience for kids during camping trips or outdoor activities.

Water Bottle

A water bottle, while seemingly simple, is an essential and thoughtful camping gift for kids. In the great outdoors, staying hydrated is paramount, and having their own durable, kid-friendly water bottle makes the experience more convenient and enjoyable. These bottles are often designed with spill-proof caps and sturdy construction, ideal for the rugged demands of camping. Plus, they come in various fun colors and designs, making them appealing to children. With a personalized water bottle in hand, kids can stay refreshed while exploring nature, and parents can have peace of mind knowing their little adventurers are well-hydrated during their outdoor escapades.

Campfire Cooking Set


Campfire cooking sets for kids can make outdoor adventures even more enjoyable and interactive, especially for older kids. These sets typically include kid-friendly cooking utensils and equipment for preparing simple meals over a campfire.

When choosing a campfire cooking set for kids, consider factors like the child’s age, their experience level, and the intended use. Safety should be a top priority, so look for sets made from durable, heat-resistant materials with kid-friendly handles. Additionally, consider the ease of cleaning and packing, as well as the overall portability of the set.


A hands-free headlamp that’s perfect for nighttime adventures, campfire lighting, or reading in the tent.

Headlamps for kids are a practical and fun addition to any outdoor adventure, whether it’s camping, hiking, or even playing in the backyard at night. When choosing a headlamp for kids, consider factors such as ease of use, durability, and comfort.

When selecting a headlamp for kids, ensure that it’s lightweight, easy to adjust, and designed to fit comfortably on a child’s head. Look for headlamps with a range of brightness settings to suit different situations, such as reading in a tent or hiking in the dark. It’s also essential to prioritize safety features and choose headlamps with child-resistant battery compartments to prevent accidental openings.

Outdoor Explorer Kit


A comprehensive kit with binoculars, magnifying glass, a bug-catching kit, and field guidebooks for outdoor exploration.

Nature exploration gifts for kids can inspire a love for the outdoors and foster a sense of wonder about the natural world. These gifts can encourage children to explore, learn, and connect with nature.

These gifts encourage kids to get outside, explore the natural world, and develop a deeper appreciation for the environment. They can also foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong connection to nature.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies make an incredibly fun and practical camping gift for kids. Whether embarking on a wilderness adventure or just navigating the campground, these communication devices allow young campers to stay connected, coordinate activities, and explore with a sense of independence.

Walkie talkies can also add an element of excitement to outdoor play, as kids can exchange secrets, play outdoor games like hide and seek, or simply keep in touch with friends and family while roaming through the wilderness. In addition to the entertainment factor, walkie talkies also enhance safety by ensuring that children can reach out in case they need assistance or directions, providing parents with peace of mind while fostering a spirit of exploration among young adventurers.

Adventure Journal

A nature-themed journal for kids to document their camping experiences, sketch wildlife, and write about their adventures.


A camping adventure journal for kids is a fantastic way to encourage children to document their outdoor experiences, record their observations, and engage with nature. It not only helps them develop a deeper connection with the natural world but also enhances their writing and observational skills.

A camping adventure journal for kids should be designed to be fun, interactive, and educational. It’s a wonderful keepsake for children to look back on their camping memories and experiences in the great outdoors.

Campfire Storytelling Kit

A set of storytelling cards, prompts, or books to inspire campfire tales and ghost stories.

A Campfire Storytelling Kit is a great way to enhance the camping experience and engage in memorable storytelling around the campfire. It should contain items that encourage creativity, imagination, and fun.

We have some stories in our ADVENTURE JOURNAL FOR KIDS and in our Camping Activities for Kids book.

Portable Hammock

A lightweight, kid-sized hammock that can be set up for relaxing or napping in the great outdoors.

My son absolutely loves hanging out and having a lazy afternoon in the hammock.

Portable hammocks for kids are a fun addition to camping trips, backyard adventures, or just lounging around. These hammocks are designed to be child-friendly and safe.

Outdoor Adventure Games

Camping activities for kids book cover
Camping activities for kids

Games like scavenger hunts, compass and navigation games, or nature-themed board games for added outdoor fun and learning.

Outdoor adventure games for kids provide an exciting and educational way to engage with the natural world while having fun.

These outdoor adventure games are not only enjoyable but also promote physical activity, learning, and a deeper connection to the natural world. You can adapt them to suit the age and interests of the kids involved, making outdoor exploration a memorable and educational experience.

For more game ideas, buy our Camping Activities for Kids book.

Card Game

Card games are a fantastic way to add some fun and excitement to your camping adventures. Whether you’re huddled in your tent during a sudden rain shower or gathered around the campfire under a starry sky, card games provide endless entertainment. Classic games like Uno, Crazy Eights, or Go Fish are easy to pack and perfect for family camping trips. For those looking to test their strategic skills, games like Poker or Hearts offer a thrilling challenge amidst the tranquil wilderness. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even create your own camping-themed card games, making memories around the campfire that you’ll cherish for years to come. So, don’t forget to pack a deck of cards on your next camping trip – they might just become the highlight of your outdoor escapade!

How to Know What Gift is Right for Your Kid

Choosing the right camping gift for your child involves a few considerations to ensure that it suits their interests, age, and the type of camping experiences you typically enjoy. Here’s a guide to help you determine the most suitable camping gift for your kid:

Age-Appropriate Gifts

Consider your child’s age when selecting a camping gift. Younger children may appreciate nature-themed exploration kits, while older kids might enjoy headlamps, camping chairs, or campfire cooking sets.

Interest and Hobbies

Think about your child’s interests and hobbies. Do they love stargazing, wildlife, or cooking over an open fire? Choose a gift that aligns with their passions. For example, an adventure journal would be perfect for a budding naturalist, while a campfire cooking set might be ideal for a mini chef.

Experience Level

Take your child’s camping experience into account. If they’re relatively new to camping, consider gifts that enhance their overall camping experience, such as a cozy sleeping bag or a comfortable camping chair. For more experienced campers, gear like headlamps or outdoor adventure games can add to the adventure.


Safety should always be a top priority. Ensure that the camping gift you choose is age-appropriate and safe for your child to use independently or under supervision. Look for features like rounded edges, non-toxic materials, and clear instructions.

Purpose of the Gift

Consider the purpose of the gift. Is it meant to provide comfort, entertainment, or educational value during camping trips? For example, a nature exploration kit can be both entertaining and educational, while a campfire storytelling kit is primarily for fun and bonding around the campfire.

Storage and Portability

Keep in mind the portability and storage of the gift. Camping gear should be easy to transport and store in your camping gear collection. Compact and lightweight items are often more practical for outdoor adventures.

Reviews and Recommendations

Don’t forget to read user reviews and seek recommendations from fellow campers or online communities. Others’ experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality and suitability of a particular camping gift.


Consider personalizing the gift to make it even more special for your child. Whether it’s customizing a campfire storytelling kit or adding their name to an adventure journal, personal touches can enhance the sentimental value of the gift.

By taking these factors into account, you can select a camping gift that will not only delight your child but also enhance their camping experiences, creating lasting memories of outdoor adventures.


In the world of kid-friendly camping gear, we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of items that will have your little adventurers beaming with joy. From snuggly sleeping bags to nature exploration kits that awaken their inner explorer, it’s clear that the great outdoors just got a lot greater for your young campers.

So, as we round up this delightful camping gift guide, remember that these fantastic finds are your secret weapons for creating unforgettable outdoor memories. From cozy campfire tales to midnight stargazing in their very own hammocks, the world of childhood camping has never been so enchanting.

So, pack your sense of wonder, grab your adventure journal, and head out with your little explorers to embark on a camping journey filled with laughter, discovery, and memories that will last a lifetime. Happy camping! 

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