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How can I start camping in Florida?

We help everyone from the newbie to the experienced. In fact, have a tip for us? Email us today! We’d love to try it out.

Did you have a bad camping trip in the past? Do you have nostalgic camping memories but you have no idea how to go camping now? Are you an experienced camper just looking to find new things to enjoy? We’ve got it all right here.


  • Where to stay by region and activity
  • Ways to stay (glamping, developed, primitive, backpack, boat)
  • Planning printables (itineraries, wanderer’s notebook, notes for the pet/kid sitter, grocery lists)
  • Packing gear & shopping Lists
  • Our favorite gear
  • Planning Posts


Secluded campsite by a tranquil lake surrounded by tall pine trees, with a tent, camping chairs, and a campfire ready for an evening under the stars.

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