meal planning for camping

There are many things to consider when meal planning for camping. You need to know what people can eat, how many people need to be fed, what type of cooking and storage is available, and most importantly, how much water should you bring!

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What if I don’t have access to a fire, camp stove, or cooler?

You camping meal plan can include canned foods, premade meals, or food that doesn’t require cooking.

What if I have a special occasion?

Your meal plan can include elaborate meals, or meals for big groups. Consider something as luxurious as surf and turf from the grill or a big, easy, one pot meal like chili. Both of these meal choices can be enjoyed around the fire.

Will animals really get into my food?

Short answer: probably. Will it be some big scary animal? Sometimes it will. Sometimes it will just be some small animal that can get into your food and then you don’t have the food you need to get through your trip. Either way, it is important to prepare yourself.

Knowing what food to bring and eat while camping is the most important part of meal planning for your trip.