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How can we support you?

Here at Shout at the Moonlight, we want to help you have the best camping trip possible. From planning the perfect site, to being fully prepared, and enjoying every second, we want to help you!

We have all categories of printables to help you plan and implement the perfect camping trip. Check out our printables pages!

If you’re looking for more specialized assistance for your trip, we can help you! In addition to our free and paid resources, we also offer booking services at various price levels. Reach out by emailing us details about your desired trip, and we will provide you with a quote.

How you prepare for your trip varies greatly depending on where you’re going, how long you’ll stay, who will be going with you, and what type of camping trip you prefer. Check out our resources page for more information!

Always, always, ALWAYS check the website and reservation details for your specific campsite. Remember: each site’s rules can vary, so if you have any questions, make sure you call ahead of time!

Camping is ALWAYS a good fit for your group, albeit, some may prefer different types of camping over other styles. With everything from through-hiking to glamping in a luxurious cabin, there is NO wrong way to experience the great outdoors!

Different sites have different lengths in which reservations become available. Furthermore, some sites are nearly impossible to book unless you are watching their reservation site like a hawk! Check your preferred site’s website for exact details on how far ahead you CAN book your spot. Keep in mind, however, that some spots are first come-first served, so you may have to be really adventurous, depending on the site type.

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